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Top 10 Retail Podcasts

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There’s a lot to know about the retail industry. But other than going out and getting hands-on experience, where else can you go to learn? With podcasts, access to some of the most influential and successful voices in the industry is only a click away. We are truly in the information age when so much career-making advice is easily searchable online. Whether you’re listening during your commute, while you eat, or just running errands around the house, podcasts are essential listening for those looking to increase their knowledge. We put together a list of our top 10 retail-focused podcasts to help provide you with the information you need for #Success.


1) The Retail Leasing Podcast by Beth Azor

Beth Azor is the founder and owner of Azor Advisory Services (AAS), a leading commercial real estate advisory and investment firm based in Southeast Florida. This is her weekly podcast exploring chapters of her new book, The Retail Leasing Playbook. Beth says her goal is to “Reduce vacancies and increase occupancy!”


2) Retail Retold Podcast

DLC’s very own Chief Operating Officer Chris Ressa interviews a variety of Real Estate influencers to tell the story of how that store ended up in your neighborhood. Each episode provides a fresh new perspective ranging from the strategy of pop up shops to one of our more recent episodes with the director of social media marketing at Walmart.

Before the main conversation begins, Chris offers an insightful reflection on how he’s staying motivated or something he’s observed recently.


3) Where We Buy with James Cook

Covering both retail and real estate, “Where We Buy” has interesting guests and audio tours of unique retail places. James Cook is the Americas Director of Retail Research at JLL. He is the expert in the region and speaks often at events about retail real estate changing with the economy. In this episode, Cook discusses how consumer behavior will change after COVID-19. This is essential listening for anybody looking to prepare for the new direction the retail industry will be heading.


4) RETHINK Retail

Stay up to date! This podcast keeps its finger on the pulse of the most recent trends and innovations in today’s retail market. The show is structured in a breaking news format and informs listeners on the latest news stories in retail. Each episode features a different guest that will show you how to manuever in today’s evolving industry.


5) Tech and Mortar

You’ll sometimes hear that brick and mortar stores are “dying.” Well, this podcast aims to provide evidence of the contrary, detailing how they aren’t dying but evolving. Each guest touches on how they’ve either embraced or avoided this evolution, and how that affected their business. The featured episode above focuses on how restaurants are reaching customers in unique ways and how they can survive during this pandemic.


6) Retail Gets Real

Retail Gets Real is another show that lets you pick the brain of thought leaders in the retail industry. In this episode they interview Martin Urrutia, Head of Global Retail Innovation at LEGO, as he explains how lego creatively is able to make shopping in their stores just as fun as building one of their products.


7) Tell Me Something Good About Retail

Bob Phibbs is the Retail Doctor, a man with many titles. Professional speaker, Author, blogger, business makeover specialist, and retail influencer. His motivating personality is felt on each episode of his podcast as he makes sure to give you the most positive news on retail. The show provides tips on how to compete in the business, and gives retail-specific marketing advice.

8) Reinventing Retail

What does the future of the retail industry look like? Tag along with “Reinventing Retail” to find out emerging retail technology, shifting consumer demands, and the increasing importance of the shopper experience. A nice variety of guests on the show helps provide valuable information to listeners everywhere.


9) Commercial Real Estate Pro Network

Hear from experts on not just retail, but across the greater commercial real estate industry. Our very own Chris Ressa guest stars on this episode to talk about “The real state of retail real estate.” It’s an insightful discussion that will be sure to leave you with a fresh new perspective. Press play above!


10) Retail Ramble

You can never get enough information. Created by the good folks over at Essential Retail, each week features a leading expert in retail to discuss key topics that people in this business must think about. This featured episode asks the critical question “Is loyalty more important now than ever?” In today’s crisis, it may very well be true.

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