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Our Team

Executive Team

Chief Executive Officer
Executive Vice President & Chief Investment Officer
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Chief Legal and Business Intelligence Officer
Senior Vice President of People

Heads of Departments

Blay Bradley

Senior Vice President of Construction and Property Management

Michael Fenton

Senior Vice President, Asset Management

Aidan Kelso

Vice President of Development

Sarah Merkel

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Jack Rosencrans

Vice President of Redevelopment

Kristin Sabia

Senior Vice President of Accounting

Michael St. John

Senior Vice President of Marketing

Peyton Thomas

Vice President of Construction, Renovo Construction Management

EJ Trundle

Senior Vice President of Investments

Anya Wolf

Senior Vice President of Real Estate Transactions

Aaron Wu

Senior Vice President of Acquisitions

Leasing Team

Adam Greenberg

Senior Vice President

Travis Farren

Vice President

David Horwitz

Vice President - Leasing Training and Development

John Kostyo

Vice President, Leasing

Dan Nieman

Vice President

Angela DeMartino

Leasing Representative

Josh Dreyer

Leasing Representative

David Gross

Leasing Renewal Manager

Jordan Leon

Leasing Representative

Zerena Lupo

Leasing Data Analyst

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