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Hobby Lobby at Court at Deptford

Court at Deptford

Deptford Township, NJ

The declining shopping center needed a major facelift, to both its physical appearance and to its reputation of a center long forgotten.

At DLC, every success story starts as an opportunity. By identifying the right team for your needs and determining the right solution for the situation.

Court At Deptford

Deptford Township, NJ
The Court at Deptford, an open air value oriented shopping center located in Deptford Township, NJ was struggling with an occupancy rate of only 34 percent. As a secondary location in a very strong market, this center was an ideal candidate for a renovation program that included major redevelopment and remerchandising efforts.

Levittown Town Center

Levittown, PA
Levittown Town Center in Levittown, PA has undergone numerous name changes and ownerships since its opening in 1953. Left neglected without any renovation efforts planned, the center was declining with a high turnover rate of tenants. As the center was located in the underserved market, it represented an opportunity to serve the growing community by bringing value-oriented retailers that would satisfy their everyday needs.


Paterson, NJ
Walgreens, a longstanding DLC client, had a void in the Paterson marketplace which it was eagerly looking to fill. St. Joseph’s hospital was expanding its already sizable presence in the area, and the population density made this a target location with huge potential upside.

Tri-City Plaza

Vernon, CT
Located just ten miles northeast of downtown Hartford, 20 minutes from the University of Connecticut and easy access from I-84. Tri-City Plaza had much to offer its tenants. But with an oversized grocer, struggling with year after year declining sales, DLC decided to take on the task of dramatically transforming this one of a kind center both physically and financially.

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