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WSJ: “Strip Malls Are the New King of Retail Real Estate”

Popeyes and GNC at Levittown Town Center

Open-air retail real estate is in the headlines again, and for all the right reasons! This article by Kate King in the Wall Street Journal outlines the continued success of strip malls, which have been thriving since the COVID pandemic facilitated the rise of remote and hybrid work. This is indicative of the changing consumer landscape, … Read more

Placer AI publishes White Paper: “Exploring the Diversity of Malls in 2023”

DLC Logo overlayed on top of Tri-City Plaza in Vernon, CT

Let the good times for open-air retail roll! Today’s shifting consumer preferences and challenging capital markets environment have turned commercial real estate on its head. While lenders and investors scour the landscape for the best possible deals, one thing has become clear; not all commercial real estate is created equal, even within a sector.    A … Read more

DLC publishes new white paper “A Breath of Open-Air”

A breath of open air slides

The time to take “A Breath of Open-Air” is now. Open-air retail is thriving, and our latest white paper hits you with the data. Opportunity is ripe for investors. What’s driving retail growth? And we show you how. It’s a must-read for entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone seeking growth opportunities in the retail sector. Click here … Read more