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Which of the National Retail Federation’s Hot 25 Retailers are at DLC open-air shopping centers

National Retail Federation Hot 25 Retailers

Each year the National Retail Federation releases a list of the Hot 25 Retailers, and this year, 11 of those brands are located at DLC properties across the country.

According to the NRF’s website, “The Hot 25 Retailers ranks the nation’s fastest-growing retail companies. Rankings are determined by increases in domestic sales between 2021 and 2022; all retail companies with global sales in excess of $2 billion were eligible.” 

Where can you find them?

With another retailer from the list in LOI status and several others in prospecting, we will be excited to expand our relationships with these retailers and serve the communites we are located in.

The annual list published by the National Retail Federation can be found here.

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