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Get To Know Mike Todryk and Armor Coffee

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DLC is committed to being a trusted partner with its tenants and shares their entrepreneurial values. Like them, we understand that it takes a certain level of self-motivation, determination, and resilience to endure the task of running your own business.

For example, Mike Todryk, owner of Armor Coffee, a business at our own Village at Allen in Allen, TX. Mike worked as a Director of Sales from his local coffee shop when he saw an opportunity to buy the shop and improve upon it for community members like himself, seeking a place to connect to Wi-Fi and get caffeinated.

Mike now invites his patrons to #ArmorUp every day with a cup of craft made Armor coffee. The name actually stems from his time as an Armor Officer in the military. The coffee is sourced locally and beans roasted right in the shop. Being the true entrepreneur that he is, Mike saw another opportunity in 2020 when establishments were forced to close dining rooms. Instead of sitting idle, he utilized this time to remodel the interior to bring his customers a fresh and inviting atmosphere so that when the doors could reopen, they did it in style. The drive-in remained open, and customers continued to receive the excellent customer service that they are known for providing.

Mike continues to bring new and seasonal menu items to the community to share the resilience needed in everyday life as customers #ArmorUp for the day ahead. He proudly serves the surrounding community, including the employment of veterans and first responders. Armor Coffee has found great success in bringing a craft made product from farm to table in an environment that fosters community.

If you or someone you know would like to open your next location, give us a call! 866.DLC.MGMT. We have an excellent track record of finding win-win situations for business owners from all walks of life. When you’re ready to roll-up your sleeves and tackle the challenges ahead, know that DLC is right here with you.

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