Get To Know Kim Caruso and Fleet Feet Poughkeepsie

At DLC we have a great track record of finding win-win situations for business owners from all walks of life. We look forward to developing an ongoing relationship with you and collaborating to deliver real results for your business. We understand that it takes a certain level of self-motivation and determination to endure the marathon that is running a business.

Take for example Kim Caruso, owner of Fleet Feet Sports, a tenant at our Shoppes at South Hills in Poughkeepsie, New York. Kim is the definition of grit and resolve. After fifteen years of working as a marketing professional, Kim developed a new love of running and a new desire for a career change.

After realizing there were no stores for avid runners in her community, she took it upon herself to open one on her own. Since opening, she has found great success and has developed an amazingly loyal customer base. When Kim was forced to close her store in March 2020 during what is usually the store’s busiest time of the year, Kim and her team displayed that “can-do” spirit only a long-distance runner possesses, and continued to engage with her customers and employees by hosting virtual race groups and allowing entrants to upload their results online upon completion. Her customers love the sense of togetherness and comfort her business provided during a very challenging time.

When you’re ready to roll-up your sleeves and tackle the challenges ahead know that DLC is right here with you. 866.DLC.MGMT

Welcome to the Family!

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