DLC Management Partners with NYDEC for Former Dzus Fastener Site Remediation

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(Elmsford, NY) May 1, 2019 – DLC Management Corporation (DLC), a national owner and operator of open-air shopping centers, is pleased to announce its involvement in the Superfund site cleanup project located in West Islip, Long Island. DLC will partner with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Suffolk County Department of Health, Town of West Slip, West Islip School District, and Stop and Shop for the environmental remediation of the former Dzus Fasteners Company, Inc. site. The project, which began on April 22, 2019 and will remediate Willetts Creek, Lake Capri, and the surrounding impacted properties which includes Stop and Shop Plaza (425 Union Boulevard, West Islip, New York) managed by DLC Management Corp.

Dzus Fastener Company, whose business operations dated from 1932 to 2001, designed and manufactured fasteners, quick-acting latches and springs that were used by the military, commercial aerospace and electronics industries. Wastes from such operations consisted of oils, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, and salts, ultimately contaminating soil and groundwater at the facility and downstream groundwater, sediment and surface of nearby Willetts Creek and Lake Capri. In 2001 the facility changed its name to DFCI Solutions and ceased all operations in 2015.

The cleanup project will involve the removal of sediments and soil from the site and in and along Willetts Creek and Lake Capri for disposal at a permitted landfill. Upon the completion of remedial initiatives, Willetts Creek and Lake Capri will be restored to have their natural course of water flow and increased storm flood capacity. Wetland habitats will also be restored with native wetland vegetation through plantings and seeding. DLC is proud to be part of the project that will create a positive impact on the community.

Updates: Dzus Project Update_October 2019

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Project Contact:

Sally A. Krauss
Executive Vice President Real Estate & Environmental Affairs / 914.304.5624 /

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