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The Bogus “Retail Apocalypse” Looks More Like A Renaissance

Adam Ifshin standing at a podium

The following article has been written by Greg Petro and featured in Forbes Magazine. Hardly a day passes without some headline somewhere declaring that the retail industry is falling apart, along with a Chernobyl-like stock picture of a vine-choked escalator. Venerable brands are turning out the lights for the last time in thousands of stores. … Read more

Pride In the Name of Love

Rainbow stripe

By Adam Ifshin, Co-Founder and CEO of DLC Management Corp Every year during the month of June, we celebrate people in our lives and communities who identify as members of the LGBTQ+ community, including those who are not able to celebrate as freely or as openly as we can here in the United States. It … Read more

Adam Ifshin Podcast: What’s the Value of Human Capital?

Adam Ifshin standing at a podium

  As the CEO of DLC Management Corp – an entrepreneurial real estate firm he co-founded with his father, the late Steve Ifshin, in 1991 – Adam oversees a portfolio that contains over 20 million square feet of retail space concentrated in the Eastern United States. Under his stewardship, DLC has become one of the leading private … Read more

Understanding the Value of Human Capital

Adam Ifshin, CEO and founder of DLC.

An Interview with Adam Ifshin, Co-Founder and CEO, DLC Management Corp, USA from Tharawat Magazine. As the CEO of DLC Management Corp – an entrepreneurial real estate firm, he co-founded with his father, the late Steve Ifshin, in 1991 – Adam oversees a portfolio that contains over 20 million square feet of retail space concentrated in the … Read more

Adam Ifshin on Secondary Markets

Adam Ifshin headshot with a graphic "Adam Ifshin on Secondary Markets"

Readers of a certain age will recall the famous E.F. Hutton commercials in which a broker from the august firm would whisper something in the ear of someone on the street. The surrounding crowd would freeze in its tracks. Cue voiceover: “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen.” Advisors to retail real estate investors these days … Read more

National Literacy Month – Book Recommendation

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight book - CEO Blog National Literacy Month

This month’s CEO Book Recommendation is timely. It’s Shoe Dog by Phil Knight, the founder of Nike. With Nike once again in the news for reviving it’s iconic Just Do It marketing campaign, and once again having the guts to take a stand by having Colin Kaepernick as it’s spokesperson; it’s a good time to look at the amazing story of Phil Knight … Read more

After 20+ Years, the Supreme Court Finally Levels the Playing Field on Sales Tax Collection!

United States Supreme Court Building

As many of you know, for the past decade I have been the lead volunteer lobbyist for our trade association, The International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC). In addition to being a member of ICSC’s Board of Trustees and serving on its Executive Board, I have been the Chair of all Government Relations and Advocacy … Read more

Pride In The Name of Love – Join Me in Celebrating National Pride Week/Month

Two people posing for a photo during Pride week in a t-shirt that says "Proud"

June is Pride Month. What is Pride Month you may ask? Pride Month is a month long celebration of the those people in our lives and our communities who do not identify as conventionally hetrosexual, and includes a very broadly diverse group of across all self-identities in the LGBTQIA world. It is a celebration of … Read more

For Love of Country – Book Recommendation

CEO Blog Book Recommendation - For Love of Country

Welcome to 2018! Let’s start the year off right. With a book that merits everyone’s consideration: For Love of Country written by Howard Schultz, the founder and CEO/Chairman of Starbucks and Rajiv Chandrasekaran who for ten years was the Bureau Chief for The Washington Post in Baghdad and other places in the middle eastern war zone. It’s … Read more

Shots Rang Out in the Memphis Sky

Martin Luther King - CEO Blog

1968. Most DLCers weren’t even born yet. I was three. We talk about the constant upheaval in America and globally in 2017 and 2018 as being unprecedented, but it really isn’t. Before our present day, there was 1968.  A year that started in January and February with the Tet Offensive in Vietnam, and modern technology and … Read more