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All Roads Lead To Buffalo

Starbucks Coffee and Lady Janes in a shopping center

Recently, a DLC contingent comprised of members from Asset Management, Transactions, Leasing and Property Management departments descended upon the Buffalo, NY area to tour and research DLC’s collection of assets in the area.

The trip was deemed a success from everyone involved who learned a ton by visiting many of our centers in the area. The idea was sparked during a DLC Friday Wine Event in the Elmsford Office where Blay BradleyMichael Fenton and Georgia Carreira, VP of Asset Management said they’d love to go to Buffalo and accompany the Leasing team to see how they do what they do while paying a visit to our properties. Trip plans really started to take shape once Transactions EVP – Sally Krauss needed to have an inspection done at one of the 15 Buffalo area assets which allowed the newest Transactions teammate, Sam Garito to join the tour group along with Paul Grogan of the Property Management. Paul was also scheduled to pay a visit where he planned to spend quality time with Property Management vet and Buffalo local – Jeff Levy to soak up a lot of on-site knowledge.

What resulted was an amazing team building opportunity to collaborate in a one of a kind learning experience at the property level in real-time. Joining in on the fun were Leasing Associates Hannah Coyman and Josh Dreyer, who were slated for an in-the-field educational visit with VP of Leasing and Training, David Horwitz.

This dynamic cross-section of the DLC Value Creating Machine was led by the local PM team of Jeff Levy, Jaime Constantine and Bill Maxwell who led the group on thorough property inspections – up on roofs, through parking lots and into dark corners of vacancies to understand how and why spaces were built as they were. And the challenges we face in maintaining the structures, releasing spaces and what Asset Management needs to know so they can communicate with our partners. All in all, the team left Buffalo filled with knowledge (and food) and gained a real appreciation for each other.



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