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Adam Ifshin talks open-air shopping trends on Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast

Adam Ifshin John Lee Dumas Entrepreneurs on Fire

Calling all those who are entrepreneurial spirits.

DLC founder and CEO Adam Ifshin appeared on the Entrepreneur on Fire podcast with John Lee Dumas.

In this episode, Adam dives deep into his entrepreneurial journey and shares some valuable insights that challenge conventional wisdom about success. He believes that luck plays a crucial role in achieving success, particularly in entrepreneurship. Acknowledging the role of chance is not only humbling but also essential for becoming a great leader.

What you will hear:

  • The DLC founding story
  • The transformation of local shopping
  • The rise of remote work and the impact on consumers’ shopping habits and the expectations of local retail

Click here to listen to the episode.

You will want meRead more insights and the story behind the surge of open-air retail as the hottest asset class in CRE. Download “A Breath of Open-Air”

A breath of open-air

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