Adam Ifshin on The Matthews Mentality podcast

Adam Ifshin, Founder and CEO of DLC appears on the latest episode of “The Matthews Mentality Podcast” with Kyle Matthews, Founder and CEO of Matthews Real Estate Services.

In a compelling interview, Ifshin and Matthews unmask the true testament of entrepreneurship and success, the power of reinvesting in business and people, and the resources that helped Ifshin and DLC get to where it is today.

Show Notes

[00:55] – Introduction to Adam Ifshin
[03:30] – Typical Week & Daily Routines
[07:41] – DLC Overview
[13:00] – Life Growing up in NYC & Charting His Path in RE
[33:10] – College & Starting His Own Business
[41:10] – Getting into Real Estate, Life after College, and the founding of DLC
[50:21] – Work-Life Balance & Motivations
[55:38] – The Wall
[01:02:07] – Professional Life, The Grind
[01:11:54] – Challenging Moments
[01:22:39] – Outlook for retail & The Importance of the Store
[01:26:11] – Motivations Today
[01:35:15] – Characteristics & Traits of Successful People
[1:40:48] – The CRE Market
[1:48:57] – Advice & Resources for Listeners

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