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Adam Ifshin discusses “Risk and growth in open-air retail” on “Where We Buy” podcast with James Cook

DLC co-founder and CEO Adam Ifshin talks about all things risk and growth in open-air retail on episode 266 of “Where We Buy” with host James Cook, Americas Director of Research, Retail at JLL.

Key insights from this exceptional discussion:

  • How people are the real asset at DLC and how that has driven the company’s success
  • How Ifshin doubled the size of DLC in 26 days in September of 1998
  • How tertiary markets are driving open-air success

“And what we ultimately concluded was this is this was not structural. This was cyclical. And what that what that cohort (Gen X) needed, was they needed they needed jumper cables, and COVID gave them jumper cables like, “Get me the bleep out of here.” And lo and behold, they woke up to the fact that they could live much more affordably, still upscale, but much more affordably and much more comfortably in the suburbs. And that has driven a very precise exodus of a certain cohort, a cohort that spends a lot of money in open air, right? They’re typically very focused on value.

Adam Ifshin

For more on why open-air retail is the hottest asset class in commercial real estate, read our white paper “A Breath of Open-Air.”

Read the complete transcript here.

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