Getting to Know Your Neighbor

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Getting to Know Your Neighbor

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This is retail retold the story of how that store ended up in your neighborhood. I’m your host, Chris ReSSA. And I invite you to join my conversation with some of the retail industry’s biggest influencers. This podcast is brought to you by DLC management.

Welcome to retail retail, everyone. I’m your host, Chris Ressa. Thank you for joining today’s episode.

I call today’s episode, getting to know your neighbor. And what I really mean by that is growing your social network, not your network on social media, but your actual personal social network, getting involved in community and getting involved in things that are outside of your business professional life. I’ve spent a lot of time growing my business network. And I had an event happen, which I’m going to tell you about that really struck me as wild, for lack of a better word, and made me start to think wow, how much growing your personal social network with having nothing to do with business might enhance your business life. So let’s dive in. A few years ago, my team was working on a lease with a solar salon franchisee. It was in a shopping center in Poughkeepsie, New York, which is about 90 minutes a little less from where I live personally. There were some things in the lease that both parties were struggling to come to consensus on it my team had asked me to join a conference call. And the point of me getting on the conference call was to see if I could help close the deal up at the 11th hour. So I say sure. I get on the conference call. I’m a little early on the conference call. I get on and the only other person on the conference call is the franchisee His name is Don. And I’m just starting conversation and I don’t know much about DOD, I don’t know much about the business. The tenant, I was briefed on a couple of issues in the lease that the group was hoping I could speak to the group being my team. So I say to dun dun where where’s your business located? And he says, we we offer are we office out of Fairfield New Jersey. I said oh Don, I live not too far from there about 2025 minutes and kilowatt New Jersey. Done, you know, kind of pauses for a second he goes I also live in kindelan New Jersey. I said no way. I said that I live in this development and kindelan called smoke rise. Don says I live in Smoke rice. I go really I start laughing I go this is really interesting. And then Don, I sit down I live on the crossway they tell him the number I live on my actual address and he goes I live at such and such the crossway which happens to be to house houses down from where I live. Turns out Don is a Panera Taco Bell and sola salon franchisee lives two houses down from where I live. And I kind of fell back in my seat it was like almost like the movies where you want to like open the window and like you’re on the phone and they’re on the phone and your next door. My neighborhoods a little spread out so that didn’t happen. We ended up making a deal. And Don actually is in another shopping center of ours. Now as well, we’ve made two deals with DOD, my neighbor. And I’ve told this story a lot, because I was, I grew up about 45 minutes from where I live today in kindelan town called Byron. And it was a small town. Growing up, I knew everyone in town, you go to the quick check in town, go in, grab a cup of coffee, you’re going to see many people you know. And then when my wife and I moved to kindelan, we didn’t have kids, I was busy. With work. I didn’t really get involved in community, the person across the street for me. And directly next door, it seemed them outside, I had said hello. But we didn’t have kids yet. And we weren’t involved in a lot of the community activities. And my wife and I, and this is about 2016 are just going about our days, we’re working on fixing our house, we are spending time with our family. And the friends we already have, which are in in kindelan. So we’re doing a lot of things out of catalogue. And I need to spend the time to really get to know the people in my neighborhood, and I loved where I lived. I still love where I live. If on a mountain in the woods on a lake. I tell people all the time, in 45 minutes, I can be anywhere New York City, my office, but in 10 minutes, I’m nowhere. Anyway, we didn’t spend a lot of time like going to any of the local community events on the weekend. You know, on the weekends, we would go out of kindelan and see people or maybe travel I might have friends or family out of kindelan because I didn’t know anyone to kill it, come to my home and we might have a dinner party or something like that.

But after the phone call with DOD and signing a lease with DOD, putting a neighbor in one of the shopping center suite. It dawned on me like wow, how much of an opportunity people myself included, might be missing by not even to getting to know their neighbors. Now obviously, this is super coincidental and more so super lucky. But it does prove the point of my story, which is there are there are opportunities. We hear about these all the time, whether it’s at the golf club, whether it’s at community events and getting involved. That might lead to business opportunities you never thought getting to know your neighbor just might lead to two solar salon deals. So that’s the lesson for today. Get to know your neighbors, get involved in your local communities, whether that is through church, whether that’s through youth sports, whether that is local events. If you’re only spending your time on the traditional or amusing air quotes, business networking events, you’re probably leaving a lot on the table. Had I not got on that call and been asked my team wouldn’t have even known this person was my neighbor. So get out there. Get to know your get to know your neighbor. Thanks for joining me today. I hope you enjoyed the show.

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