Human Capital

Our Advantage Is Our People

DLC Management Corporation’s main focus is Human Capital. We firmly believe that our employees are our most important asset to the Company. Our Human Capital philosophy has focused on recruiting and attracting top talent that not only has the right skillset and experience for our hiring needs, but most importantly talent that fits in culturally and embodies #success, a term that deeply defines our culture.

Additionally, we are focused on creating a work environment for our current team that supports and encourages collaboration, respect, professional growth/development, and overall employee satisfaction.

Culture Is Key: Why DLC Is The Place To Be

We love what we do. We love teaching people. We love making people on the team better. Adam Ifshin Founder & CEO DLC Management Corp.


We’re on the hunt!

As our business continues to grow and expand, we’re on the hunt for the thrill seekers, the fearless. The ones who have the passion to  go beyond the realm of possibilities and sink their teeth into the next great opportunity.


People Powered

We are committed to adding value in everything we do. Our focus is innovation, execution and problem solving.

Internship Program

Your #Success Starts Here

When work skills, education, and life lessons merge, the result creates an opportunity to exceed expectations and facilitates personal satisfaction. Our internship program is a place where students have an opportunity to explore the retail real estate industry while being fully integrated into DLC Management’s #success culture.

Success Starts Here...Join the Team!