Accounting Analyst

Who We Are:

We are a growing, best in class team of real estate entrepreneurs. At DLC, we strongly believe in Entrepreneurial Citizenship.  You are here to succeed, but you also know that the greatest rewards demand that every teammate works together to help one another succeed.  Your role is critical, as are those of your teammates, but we will all accomplish far more helping each other as a team than acting as individuals. We are looking for new teammates who are:

  • Genuine – You are self-confident, but you don’t have an ego. You act with integrity, and you treat everyone around you with respect.  You celebrate your team’s collective wins over your own, and you recognize the contributions and successes of your teammates.
  • Agile – You move quickly, easily, and flexibly in response to changing situations and the needs of your clients and teammates. When a situation can be improved, you are first in line to facilitate the needed changes.
  • Curious – You are innately curious with a strong desire to learn and know. You always take the time to ask thoughtful questions because you constantly want to achieve more.
  • Resilient – You overcome and quickly bounce back from setbacks. You help your teammates get back on track when they are knocked down, and you learn from and welcome similar help from those around you.
  • Unstoppable – You welcome challenges, and you do not give up when a situation looks bleak or unsolvable. You know there are critical times when the only way to achieve optimal results is by committing to and taking the necessary extra steps.

About DLC:

Founded in 1991, DLC has been one of the nation’s preeminent owners, operators and managers of shopping centers. Our portfolio includes millions of square feet of attractive retail space and continues to expand as we complete additional acquisitions.

Human Capital is our main focus and our teammates are the single most important asset to the Company since we know it’s the people who make the difference. DLC Management Corp. has been proudly certified a Great Place to Work. This designation, which we earned 5 years in a row, was granted based on teammate feedback and places us in an elite tier above the average workplace.

About The Role:

The Financial Reporting ("FR") group is responsible for Loan Management, Escrow Maintenance, Argus Updates, Third Party Reporting, Interdepartmental Reporting and Transactions support, JV troubleshooting and communication, notification or reportable events.

Our team is searching for an Accounting Analyst who will be responsible for:

  • Loan Management - Catham maintenance and loan abstraction, to track key covenants and inform related parties. Will perform all lender related reporting, tests and calculations.
  • Escrow Maintenance - Responsible for tracking all escrow and facility draws. Will perform periodic escrow balance testing to insure monthly funding is rightsized.
  • Argus Updates - Under the supervision of Asset Managers will make P&L updates for Argus Models.

Desired Skills & Expertise:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Thrives in a fast-paced environment with the ability to prioritize, multi-task and manage tight deadlines
  • Organized and reliable with strong analytical skills and attention to detail
  • Confident self-starter with an inquisitive mind-set

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