30 May

Adam Ifshin Podcast: What’s the Value of Human Capital?


As the CEO of DLC Management Corp – an entrepreneurial real estate firm he co-founded with his father, the late Steve Ifshin, in 1991 – Adam oversees a portfolio that contains over 20 million square feet of retail space concentrated in the Eastern United States. Under his stewardship, DLC has become one of the leading private owner-operators of open-air shopping centers in America.

Initially, Adam Ifshin‘s primary concern for the company was expansion. Now, culture is his priority. Business, in his view, is not just about the numbers; sustaining success is a matter of investing in DLC’s people. The retail property giant’s core values reflect Steve Ifshin’s unwavering belief in his son’s capabilities as a family business leader. Enjoy Adam’s thoughtful insights on real estate and the nuances of running a successful family business.

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