DLC Life

Our Culture is our Brand

DLC is committed to making retail places better for all of our stakeholders, and we do this by practicing what we call #success. A credo that DLC defines as “working together to create a personally rewarding, productive, respectful, profitable, thoroughly enjoyable place to work with a company that seeks to maximize growth and profitability.”

Spend a day at our offices, and you’ll understand what we mean. There’s an undeniable feeling of camaraderie in the air—a fundamental belief that we’re all in this together—and that as long as we’re cohesively working together, there is no challenge we cannot handle. This is what DLC Life is all about.

DLC Gives Back

Our culture is one of inclusion and generosity

Charitable giving has been woven into the DLC fabric since the beginning. We understand that true success comes from helping others. Over the years DLC has proudly supported great charitable efforts in areas of health and wellbeing. Arts and education and social issues.

Beyond giving, we feel that it’s imperative that we support and celebrate the cultures and lifestyle of our diverse employee population. The unique backgrounds of our team allows our value-creating human capital to deliver invaluable expertise to our clients.

What We're Listening To

The Retail Retold Podcast

The Retail Retold podcast highlights the story of community retailers across the country and gives a behind the scenes look at leaders in the CRE industry. Each week our guests share stories of what worked, what didn’t, the ups and the downs – all in an effort to present the audience a critical set of tools needed for CRE success. Join host Chris Ressa and new guests weekly for amazing insights and thought-provoking stories. Presented by DLC Management Corp.

Department Summits

#Success Means a Culture of Learning

The real estate industry is ever changing. That’s why we feel it’s so important that we continue to seek ways that we can improve internally. DLC annually holds department wide summits to address areas where we can improve, provide mentorship, learn from thought leaders and trade experts to discuss new and innovative ways we can enhance our techniques, services, and technology. DLC promotes a strong focus on learning and understands how critical it is to offer opportunities for self-development.